Why Numinosity?

Capturing the essence of you in your business is my passion.


Hello, Kim here.

I'm a Seattle-based freelance web designer and psychotherapist. My psychotherapy work involves attentive listening and deeply understanding the needs and strengths my clients bring to their life situations.

A fundamental  belief in life-long learning, experiences designing websites for myself and clients and several years managing past web operations for the 
Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study have allowed me to explore new ways of helping people and organizations authentically and effectively express themselves and pursue their best lives.

The dual perspective I bring to Numinosity website designs allows me to convey the people behind the work; the you in your business.

If you have questions or would like to talk with me about working together, get in touch. I would be happy to help.


adjective: of, or relating to the spirit, essence; surpassing comprehension or understanding; mysterious.


noun: illumination; radiation or reflection of light; brightness; the quality of being enlightened, inspired.


noun: the illumination of the mysterious essence or the spirit of a thing.

Inspiration Behind the Name

Services I Provide

"In a sense numinosity is like the more familiar term luminosity. But numinosity refers to a subtle, spiritual light instead of an outwardly visible light such as the luminosity of the moon."