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I'm passionate about design and helping my clients create online identities that artfully convey the unique qualities of their businesses.

In each and every Numinosity project, my goal is creating artful, engaging and fully-responsive websites that best convey with excellence, what my clients bring to their work.


You will rest assured knowing that your website not only provides information about your services but also conveys the more illusive qualities in your work and business - the you in your business. Prospective customers and clients will find and connect with you effortlessly across all platforms, anytime from wherever they are.

Services I Provide

  • Strategic planning for creating web presence to establish a solid, online professional reputation and cultivate business growth

  • Development of unique online identity and responsive websites, optimized for best search engine results (on Squarespace and Wix platforms)

  • Creation of original website content, images and headshot photography

  • Development of collateral business materials


  • ​​A personal, client-focused design process

  • Unique design elements, images and color palettes curated specifically for each client

  • Sharp, fully responsive design

  • State-of-the-art search engine optimization​

  • Tutorial and training on host platform editor to enable independent client content management

  • Six months post-launch support

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Project Features

What to Expect in the Design Process
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Let's create an online presence that conveys with impact, the unique talents you bring to your business.